Community Groups come together to improve path

Published: 26 January 2016

If you have ever tried to walk the bridleway between Kingscourt in Gillingham and Motcombe Meadows you’ll know the path is not in a good state. Gillingham Walkers are Welcome Group and Motcombe Parish Council are both committed to improving local rights of way and both now have active footpath work parties.Recently (Saturday Jan 16th) the two groups met half way between Kingscourt and Motcombe to clear a badly overgrown section. We were joined by members of DCC Countryside Ranger Service who provided tools, hard work and much good advice. With a break for coffee and cake, the team of 12 made a real impact cutting back spiky blackthorn. Good job they were all wearing thick gloves!

The following Sunday, the North Dorset Ramblers Work-party were out in force and finished the job.

The route is still very muddy and rutted. Ways to improve this are being investigated and further work days are being planned.

If you are interested in joining us you will be very welcome. Contact Sheila Messer on 01747 821269 in Gillingham or Peter Mouncey on 01747 858496 in Motcombe.